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Finding the right tenant can save landlords a great deal of time and money. The ideal tenant is one that pays the rent each month, keeps the property in good condition and sticks around for a long period of time, helping to reduce any void periods.There is no winning formula that Smart Move 4You is our job is to ensure we always find the best person for your buy-to-let, but our five aware should help ensure us get off to the best start.

How to find the right tenant? We do our homework and find out as much as possible before they move in

  1. Be thorough with our Tenant background checks. We are likely to have a lot of dealings with your tenants so it is important to know who’s they are renting to.We don’t be afraid to sound intrusive. Landlord need to confirm a tenant’s ability to pay the rent so we should ask to see at least the past three months of bank statements and find out about the job they do and whether they work full- or part-time. This will give you (Landlord) an idea of their income and expenditure and whether they can afford to rent from you. Our best way of assessing this information is with a tenant check and by obtaining references from previous landlords. Credit reference agencies provide tenants checking services that will show how good someone is at paying their bills on time.We also ask for and check references from a previous landlord and a tenant’s employer. If we are dealing with a first-time renter then ask to speak to family, friends, or someone of independent standing, such as a former teacher or lecturer, to get a character reference.A lot of the hassle and awkward questions can be avoided by using us as an agency. In return for a fee, a letting agent can do credit and background checks and may have a catalogue of ready-and-waiting tenants.However, you will pay to use a letting agent and a full tenant finding and management contract is likely to eat 10 per cent or more of your monthly rent for a comprehensive service. They may charge you extra for tenant checks, or some may include it in the overall fee.Find a tenant and manage the property yourself and you can simply pay a one-off fee for the tenant check. A middle ground is a tenant find-only service, which could include referencing checks also can be used as our service.
  2. Pay attention to the written contract. Finding a tenant and managing your buy-to-let can generate a lot of paperwork.You need to make sure you have a properly drawn up and legally-binding assured shorthold tenancy agreement. This is not a legal requirement but it protects you and your tenants ifanything goes wrong. You and the tenant should both sign the document.
  3. Get the security deposit right. A tenant will usually pay a deposit of 2 or 3 months’ rent upfront when moving into a property in Bangkok, or a month’s rent elsewhere in Thailand. Paying the deposit punctually is one of the first indicators you have as to whether your tenant is going to be good at paying the rent on time. We don’t hand over the keys until we have received a deposit from your tenants and the money’s safely landed in your bank account.Remember, landlords legally need to make sure that a tenant are happy and benefit of living at the quality property. This keeps it safe for the end of the tenancy and helps settle any disputes over repairs for damage to the property or its contents.Always double check ID to be on the safe side and we don’t forget to get a proper inventory drawn up, which should include a full list of fixtures, fittings, furniture and any other items in the property. It should also make note of any existing issues such as damage or wear and tear. We will make you that both you and the tenant should sign the document to confirm the condition of the property at the start of the tenancy. It’s also possible to get an independent third party to draw up an inventory for you so both you and your tenant can have extra peace of mind.
  4. Always check ID. You need to be sure your tenants are who they say they are. This will become more important from February when new rules are introduced in England putting responsibility on landlords to ensure their tenants have a ‘right to rent’.This means all tenants must have a right to remain in Thailand. This means we will ask for, and take copies of, passports and any ID or immigration documents.Failure to check on a tenant’s ID or immigration status could land you with a fine if they turn out not to have a legal right to reside in the country. And it is also the landlord’s responsibility to report a tenant who doesn’t have a right to stay in the country to the Home Office.
  5. Trust our gut. Managing a buy-to-let is our full-time job so we need to be sure we can manager with a potential tenant for you. We need to meet a potential tenant to get an idea of their character and personality. We think about seem organisional skill, and they will not complain about the smallest issue.Just because someone has a regular income and a good job that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be the best tenants. Even the best paid tenant could still trash your property or annoy the neighbours.

Welcome to our newest estate agency in Thailand, we hope that the experience of navigating your way around Smart Move 4You will be an enjoyable one, quick, easy and informative but please do contact us and let us know what you think. Your opinion is important to us.

At the Smart Move 4You newest Estate Agents (Thailand) we offer a full range of service of 3 types:

1). Comprehensive Service: the function of a professional Smart Move 4You Thailand (In Thailand for that matter) is far more comprehensive than that of an Estate Agent in many other parts of the world. It is therefore, of paramount importance that you choose an agent who is reputable, displays a high degree of professionalism and has a range of services and property portfolio on offer.

The Estate Agents Smart Move 4You is an independent and provide you with complete unbiased advice. Our Comprehensive Service means we look after and taking care of every single detail for you on your behalf.

We begin with our selecting the right quality tenants by doing a good references check, payment on time checked in the past, along with the well-being, and we do have the tracking payment system for you, to make sure all bills are paid, quality of your property are remained good conditions at all time. We deal with the number of developers, thereby restricting the availability to the prospective purchaser.

We are totally independent which means that we can offer impartial advice and opinions on all property matters. We employed only the professional sales personnel. Your dealings with our company will be with a senior member of staff who will simply ensure you receive the correct information and advice in a friendly professional manner. We will not “sell you” a property, we will, however, assist you in finding a suitable property and ensure you will receive all the facts together with appropriate legal advice.

Due to our independent status we are able to “network” with the majority of Estate Agents (good agents only) and developers in Thailand and Asia. This means that we can offer our clients an extensive portfolio of properties and business together with a market of research service. Simply provide us with a “brief” of the type of property (or commercial venture) you are seeking. We will then provide you with a comprehensive market report of the properties that are on the market and will “fit your brief”. We will then “filter out” say, the top ten based on the following formulae:

  • Best address/location for your budget.
  • Properties that are best presented.
  • Properties that have the best value for money.


Obviously, this research is undertaken without any obligation or cost to you, whatsoever.You have access to our expertise here in Thailand and Asia at all times and all at no cost to you. We provide a complete comprehensive service from “deposit, and the rent collection”, making sure the property are well cleaned and thing are in a working in order and good conditions, we also can accommodate for inspection visits, market research, preparation for purchase contracts, legal counsel from independent solicitors, acquisition of identification numbers, opening of bank accounts, assistance with mortgage facilities, organising utility accounts, insurance, shopping and furnishings, health care, education, etc. and of course ensuring the property is transferred and registered with clear and unencumbered freehold title deeds. Following completion of your purchase you have the benefit of our on-going support and any other matter concerning your property matters.

We combine entrepreneurial flair with solid professional knowledge to advise on and then implement the right solution for each client using a unique blend of traditional standards with a contemporary twist.Our expertise means we are committed to providing the highest quality of personal service together with specialist advice on all aspects of residential and commercial property.Buying, Selling, Renting or just browsing, is welcome to

  1. Standard Service: Professional conduct

The Estate Agents (Professional Conduct) recently Regulations set out the standard of conduct expected of agents and agents’ representatives in their day-to-day dealings with clients (sellers and landlords) and consumers (buyers and tenants). We will ensure that you as a landlord or tenants are enable to choose the right customer (tenants/landlords) to make sure that both are happy to each other. Our high standard is to ensure that both are qualities, run through our professional letting process, arrange viewing properties, offer the right choice, advice basic info, manage deposit paid, collecting rent pay on time, and make sure the property are spotless before and after tenants to be move-in/move-out.

  1. One time Service, Our one time service is still remain providing a high quality properties, and high service standard to both landlords and tenants, and to make sure that their satisfaction are being met.

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Thank your team for your hard work, advice, honesty and commitment to enable us to sell my mothers house.

Irine Gosh
22 years

Thank you so much for your good wishes and for your not insignificant part in our move. You are stars!

Emma Bennett
40 years

You were superb from the start! We made the best decision. We wish the company well for the future.

Logan Hughes
31 years

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